söndag 31 oktober 2010

late night doodle

Yeah curse lineart *bbbburrrn* - naaaaaa i like linework ;D Sooo my buddy came up with this brilliant idea - to sketch something as fucked up as a zombie (even tho mine isn't that fucked up YET). So I was thinking ....something that would make me shit my pants if it would exist in real life.....so it came out to be a firefighting zombie with huge fucking hands which ofcourse are hanging on elastic skin that enables him to hit fast and super hard! Not only that, this sucker can fly.. swinging his arm up the air and then hitting the ground sends him off at a high speed and eventually crashlanding on his enemy.

Nothing is too hard for this guy.......zombie hordes? pff, he can solo anything!

this is a skeeetchh

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