onsdag 27 april 2011

more lineart ;O

Sorry B, can't really write to ya today! But here's something I've drawn today. Drew these without references just to push my visual library and such - awesome exercise!


tisdag 26 april 2011

dead fingers are nice!

Whaddap dude-V-Dawg-yeah! Whadaaap? *gangsta pose*

Ok soooo....I haven't really drawn something for some time now and today.....I just haaaad to draw some! But I shouldn't have cuz now my fingers are all fucked up - think i'm holding the pen way too hard or something.....really annoying.
Ooooor maybe I'm converting to some kind of alien-grind-monkey with limbs specially designed to withtand heavy grind, and this pain may perhaps be the transformation the evolving the journey, the divine path to......wow I'm totally fucked up in the head. UGH!.

Hope ur doing fine dude and start making some noise soon ok? Take care!

måndag 25 april 2011


yooooooooooooo V!

finally I can fucking go to sleep! my friends have been fucking with me on skype telling me to go to sleep but No, I had to finish this shit. Determination. Now, it kinda did turn out to become a pile of shit but fear not, someday that pile of shit will become....ugh fuck it - i'm going to sleep!

peaceOut V, have fun at whatever awesome shit ur doing!

söndag 17 april 2011

I wish I had powers!

Yo yo yo B! hows it hanging dude!

Holy fuck I'm a slow updater! Sloooooooooow! Reaaaally slooooow! I've been meaning to upload these images for quite some time now but recently my memory has gotten a little....ehm....worse? How that could be possible I have nooo idea.

Anyways! Today was a crazy ass awesome day, haven't spend so much outside IRL for a loooong time! I went with my buddies Gecko and Psycho (I'll post their blogs below) on some walking/shopping/quality time here in this tiny little city, awesome shit! The weather was awesome and yeah, finally got to relax abit.

I don't know if I've mentioned it to you before Vitaly, but me and my buddies are starting up a company - yeah crazy shit right? I could prolly fill tons of pages with awesome shit that has happened there since I came to join them on what is now Our adventure into the future. Woah, I write too much, I should be studying instead. Take care dude and post something new soon ok? peaceout!

Wait!!!!1 Ah nvm.

Gecko: http://omgrind.blogspot.com
Psycho: http://mantisninja.blogspot.com

söndag 10 april 2011

trying out some mecha-modeling

I have this awesomely cool animation in my head that I reaallly want to animate, but in order to give it justice, I need a cool badass MECHA! And yeah, that's basically the reason why I started out this fella heh, it's gonne be FUN FUN FUN FUN! Right now it's just a rough block-in, gonna spend time detailing it later when the overall model is done!