fredag 30 april 2010

Last week

Some drawings done last week (I think).

1 h~ drawing, studying the face.

My first try on the "getting away from lineart" exercise.

Ok this one I have no idea, the theme was Death God and yeah....*cough*.....I made something atleast.

Ok my second 36 hour marathon

So ehmm, an introduction should perhaps be in place, but I just want to keep drawing atm so I'll save that for some other time.

I'll post all marathon doodling/art/3D/random related things here, even stuff I'm not proud of lol.
bare with me please.


Did a lineart doodle of some random chick last marathon, now the colors were made. Really want to get away from my lineart coloring so I'm taking babysteps away from it. And oh, I prolly should have rendered the hands aswell, but I just want to move on to another drawing atm ;>

ok ehm, my marathon thingy plan went into rubbish so I'm going to bed (gonna try wake up early tho!) so I leave you with a kitty cat.

Ugh I should be sleeping right now, anyways, here's something....ehm yeh....something. Gonna make into something cool one day, just wait.

höhöhö sneaking this one into here