måndag 21 maj 2012

Composition....WHY U!

the composition sucks! but, I need to post super sucky stuff too xD I don't know if I'll ever finish this one (ahemmmm) but, I'll fix the composition at least. Needs more power. More....more....more awesome! I'll prolly redraw the whole thing cuz I just came up with a better idea as I was writing this....mmhmm excellent.

torsdag 10 maj 2012

Armor ! :) I decimated all the Zbrush tool and got them into Softimage to add block-strap geometry and such. I still have the whole leg-armor part left to make. I belive I can have this guy ready by tomorrow, meaning the creation would have taken less than 3 work days. It's going to be interesting how fast I can make my next character.

I'll be heading to my ol' folks tomorrow, so no 3D for me this weekend. Haven't meet my family in a while, so I'm looking forward to it like hell ;D Peace!

onsdag 9 maj 2012

Portfolio site!

Oh! I had totally forgotten to write it here. My portfolio site is live and running. I'm still working really hard to create new stuff that show my current skills :)


I was a bit bored with modeling today, so I took a break and gave this fella' a face texture. Still unsure what I'll do with the hair. At first it seemed like a cool hairstyle, but...I now feel like covering it up with a cool cloak or something :) Hmmhmh....maybe I should give him a cool korean armor...or....or...gah! All these cool thoughts xD

tisdag 8 maj 2012


It's been quite some time since I made a bust. Anyway, here it is. His shirt is on it's way, but first...I need to go get me some chocolate :) *flies away to the store!*

fredag 4 maj 2012


I spent this whole day listening to music, working on my portfolio and researching on how to write a proper CV. Totally worth it. A day well spent *thumbs up* Tomorrow, well, today actually, I'll be livestreaming something - I don't know what just yet butI'm sure it will be interesting though.

@_@ <-- my eyes right now. I'll be heading to bed lol. Peace!

torsdag 3 maj 2012

12 hours straight. I've been working on getting my portfolio site running. I'd say it's about 80% done. I'm still missing the cheesy "About me" part and the update of my resumé/cv. Then. Theeeen. Theeeeeeen. I'll write a bunch of cover letters for some companies that I'm dying to work for. *D*

I'll add the link to the portfolio when it's done! If you find it now then......well... good for you! ;D