onsdag 24 augusti 2011

herp derp

daaamn i love skinning sometimes, all these fucked up facial expressions they have HAHAHHAHAA. mmmmhm

söndag 21 augusti 2011

testing testinggggg

Cheers!! I finally got this shit to work. And oh damn I hate programs, running out of memory for no reason at all etc. etc. Being a bitch. Yeah. Anyway, this model I did some weeks (months?) ago, and this is how I left it. I just did a gif render because I like doing unnecessary stuff.

Hope you're having it awesome at the office Vitaly! Can't wait to see what you're up to. Deep inside my wet dreams I'm hoping for a zombie. A badass mothafucker with slimy skin and huge fucking teeths. Maybe a creature-zombie of some sort. Well. A regular zombie would do too.

peaceOut man!

omg I'm so damn hungry! But...it's like frekkin 3 am in the morning and eating now wouldn't make a difference <.<

*dreaming of a distant land called hamburger-land* ~_~

lördag 13 augusti 2011

heeeeya Vitaly!

Omg it's been ages since I wrote anything, kinda of slacky of me. But I bet you're in the same situation as I (only more skilled! ;<) - were our days consist of work work and even more work. And when we finally come home, there's something waiting to be modeled. Recently that has been getting way over my head, but, nothing a beer can't cure. And I gotta say, I looove beer.

I could use a vacation of some kind, perhaps travel to a foreign country and just explore, hitch-hike with random strangers, save someone from drowning and perhaps even for once in my life see an overweight horse. Ahhhhh *sigh* so many things I want to do. I'd pretty much do anything to get out of here. I'd love to fly away to a distant land and then come back with a fresh and clean brain ready to fight the world.

how the fuck do YOU handle it V? Man I know you're like a super-man-robot-artist, but - you gotta have some flaws right? right??? I can somehow imagine you eating batteries for breakfast and babies for lunch while modeling with your feets. I mean....well....ughh my brain. Yeah.

I'll be taking a nap now! ZZZzzzzZZz Take care!! :)