söndag 26 september 2010

My old HDD

Back when I was a little boy (1½ year ago to be exact) I adored the manga comic style, and tried to succeed at getting my lines right. Reason for telling this is, that I found alot of failed lineart that I back then thought that they were awesome....I was so wrong. Here's a little something from that time xD

lördag 25 september 2010

what can it be

it's something, and gonna keep working on it. But first things first....Resident Evil 5!

torsdag 23 september 2010


The return of the LINEART! *dam dam*

More project-related things

And even more concepts of the characters, mostly finalizations of the thumbnails...yeah. Was kind of hell:ish sometimes, trying to figure out what would make sense within the frames of the intented world, and thinking logic about how things are supposed to work.

Trying to think about how the armor was to be animated into the game engine later on was something I almost always had in mind when drawing, so that the things I designed would'n get alot of intersection and cut-throughs between geometry etc.

Following with more concepts from the project.

I made linearts out from the thumbnails, so that I could draw details even better and really understand what was really represented in the concept. Really useful, since I tend to draw random fancy lines that aren't really supposed to be there (heh...kina learned my lesson there by lineart:ing)

Boredom strikes...

from rough thumbnail to finished thumbnail

same goes for this guy

testing out some female designs on this one

Bloody Mess

These last couple of months me and my buddies have been working with a game called 'Bloody Mess'. And for this game we're been concepting characters that later on were means to be modelled ,which btw are being atm, but I'll get back to that on a later post. Anyway, I'll be posting now some of the concepts I've made, and I'll start with the first to last. Hopefully even I can see an improvement lol ;>

First thumbnails of the characters, which I later tried to lineart (didn't really go that well since the designs were plain ugly with lineart)

Here I changed thumbnail-style abit, and the designs really started to pop in my head.

tisdag 21 september 2010

im bored

will soon come a majoor update here, just need to get to it xD
anyways, i'm boooored

onsdag 8 september 2010

Haven't been inactive!

But I have been lazy in updating the blog. I'm currently working on a game that I ofcourse cannot post things from, and that's one of the reasons I haven't been posting. I do have some other things going on, but they're still in the making so I'd rather not post them yet.

Been doodling and experimenting alot in ZBrush lately, been trying to find and learn different workflows - wich in the end would enable me to become faster and better at sculpting.

Here's a head I did a while ago, things are going in the right direction! *i hope lol*