onsdag 23 februari 2011

söndag 13 februari 2011

: ))

heloo vitty!

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to write to you here on my blog, but these doodles happen at night and I'm kind of slacking off to bed as soon as I finish my 2D grind xD (exception today!) But anyway, here I present some doodles and more to come :)


tisdag 8 februari 2011

warriors unite!

Warriors....yeah that was the plan. Oh shit you know what?? I had this superweird dream last night - I was a student at Gnomon and there was so freckin cool! Wicked i know! I was just like a little spoiled ugly brat during christmas, oh the joy...kinda hurt a bit waking up :( Well well, you know about that cold I thought I was going to get? Didn't get it, ha! I'm fucking immune to colds!

You know what! I'm gonna become an uncle soon - yipppieeee. Damn, time flies by dude..mhmhm can't wait :) Until next time dude! Take care.

Oh! And just had to try and add some shitty colors on that lineart I drew - neeeeed to approach colors and defeat it!

söndag 6 februari 2011


What's up my homie!

Hope you saw my last post and Fucking hell dude - think I'm about to get sick! Been having a really weird sore feeling in my throat each time I wake up, let's hope that's some stupid bi-effect from all the drinking energy drinks I've been drinking lately (not that I really need it lol - i'm a mother fucking nuclear reactor!) Moving on.

Yesterday, or more like earlier this day, I did some hair for some chick and TADAAAA I made some more! They went superfast to do lol, time efficiency is king!

Hope everything is well with you Vitaly, I bet you're kicking some gnomon asses and hopefully making some awesome tutorials while you're at it - rough style! peaceOut man and take care!

lördag 5 februari 2011

Sup Vitaly!

I felt kinda bad (not really) for not posting something serious here lately so I finally took my time to doodle something for you. I was thinking - what can I do that doesn't take a long time to finish (yeah I'm so not going to create another damn plane with holes again that's for sure) that can become cooool. Steampunk!! Yeah the good old steampunk - add a few screws, a few mutters and some big ass eyegear and you have a winning concept. Just sayin'!

I was going to post a bald image of her at first but she seriously looked like shit without hair, no kidding - uber crap! So I thought, hell, i'll just give the poor old chick some hair, that's the least I can do.

On a side note, DOMINANCE WAR is soon to begin!! Gaah I'm so fucking pumped man, can't wait for all the amazing people to take their entrance and dominate the whole challenge - gaaah I'm way too excited - think i'll take a chillpill and hit the sack. Take care dude!

torsdag 3 februari 2011

posing the pose!

Waaazzuuup Vitaly how's it hanging dude!

I saw your recent piece on the web the other day and you have some really wicked shit going on there - gnomon all over there place, well earned. Perhaps you can hook me up with good old Alvarez perhaps? No? Ah, fine - i'll have to wait for my moment on that one.

But vitaly, have some patience I'll post better things soon! I just need to get rid of this school workload I have on my shoulders, hopefully I'll have it all done by tomorrow! Mmmhmm just a few more months left of school. Shit. I need to pay my bills - ughh.

Have it great as always vitaly, peace out aliendude!