tisdag 8 februari 2011

warriors unite!

Warriors....yeah that was the plan. Oh shit you know what?? I had this superweird dream last night - I was a student at Gnomon and there was so freckin cool! Wicked i know! I was just like a little spoiled ugly brat during christmas, oh the joy...kinda hurt a bit waking up :( Well well, you know about that cold I thought I was going to get? Didn't get it, ha! I'm fucking immune to colds!

You know what! I'm gonna become an uncle soon - yipppieeee. Damn, time flies by dude..mhmhm can't wait :) Until next time dude! Take care.

Oh! And just had to try and add some shitty colors on that lineart I drew - neeeeed to approach colors and defeat it!

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