tisdag 13 november 2012

söndag 23 september 2012

Me and my friends are hanging out on 'Google Hangout', drawing some random stuff and just enjoying the weekend :)


onsdag 22 augusti 2012

When I was a young boy...

(now with filters! hehhhh)

I'll write a serious post here some day. But not today :)

Soooo what's happening nowdays huh...Well! I'll soon be hunting for a job again. This summer-gig at Coffee Stain Studios is soon coming to an end. Now comes the boring 'waiting game' after sending in the portfolio + cover letter for various companies. Hehhhh. *sob*

Until next time! Peace :)

lunchdoodleeeee *im alive*

tisdag 31 juli 2012

söndag 24 juni 2012

Arenanet Character - In progress.

Hey B!
Hows it hanging dawg? All good? yeah thought so. Still waiting for ur website to go online, man. Can't really stand that rotating .gif anymore lol. Anyway. Think it was a week ago or something, that a friend of mine linked me the ArenaNet public art test. I didn't really care that much of it at the time. But today. Out of boredom. I picked it up, sculpted, modeled and just...just....had fun. Feels like it's been ages since I seriously modeled something during my spare time. Studies do not count.

Feels good to be back! Boooyaaaaah! :)

Take care dude. Peace out.

måndag 21 maj 2012

Composition....WHY U!

the composition sucks! but, I need to post super sucky stuff too xD I don't know if I'll ever finish this one (ahemmmm) but, I'll fix the composition at least. Needs more power. More....more....more awesome! I'll prolly redraw the whole thing cuz I just came up with a better idea as I was writing this....mmhmm excellent.

torsdag 10 maj 2012

Armor ! :) I decimated all the Zbrush tool and got them into Softimage to add block-strap geometry and such. I still have the whole leg-armor part left to make. I belive I can have this guy ready by tomorrow, meaning the creation would have taken less than 3 work days. It's going to be interesting how fast I can make my next character.

I'll be heading to my ol' folks tomorrow, so no 3D for me this weekend. Haven't meet my family in a while, so I'm looking forward to it like hell ;D Peace!

onsdag 9 maj 2012

Portfolio site!

Oh! I had totally forgotten to write it here. My portfolio site is live and running. I'm still working really hard to create new stuff that show my current skills :)


I was a bit bored with modeling today, so I took a break and gave this fella' a face texture. Still unsure what I'll do with the hair. At first it seemed like a cool hairstyle, but...I now feel like covering it up with a cool cloak or something :) Hmmhmh....maybe I should give him a cool korean armor...or....or...gah! All these cool thoughts xD

tisdag 8 maj 2012


It's been quite some time since I made a bust. Anyway, here it is. His shirt is on it's way, but first...I need to go get me some chocolate :) *flies away to the store!*

fredag 4 maj 2012


I spent this whole day listening to music, working on my portfolio and researching on how to write a proper CV. Totally worth it. A day well spent *thumbs up* Tomorrow, well, today actually, I'll be livestreaming something - I don't know what just yet butI'm sure it will be interesting though.

@_@ <-- my eyes right now. I'll be heading to bed lol. Peace!

torsdag 3 maj 2012

12 hours straight. I've been working on getting my portfolio site running. I'd say it's about 80% done. I'm still missing the cheesy "About me" part and the update of my resumé/cv. Then. Theeeen. Theeeeeeen. I'll write a bunch of cover letters for some companies that I'm dying to work for. *D*

I'll add the link to the portfolio when it's done! If you find it now then......well... good for you! ;D

måndag 30 april 2012

My portfolio is in the making and I'm working really hard to get everything to the best quality as possible. I'm learning so much by just revisiting old textures, models and all of that. I really was a supernoob a few months ago...you should see my old PSD-files o_o And speaking of textures, I finished another character yesterday, and oooh the layer structure on that PSD file is just awesome *hand gesture*. Everything went so smooth : )

Gaaah! It's getting late over here. Need to start the blockout of this new mechanical model I did a few months ago. Stay tuned for the reveal on my portfolio when it's up and running. Peace!

torsdag 26 april 2012

Made a quick fan-art while waiting for the Guild Wars 2-beta....gaaah. This weekend will be awesome, oh so awesome! ;D Now, back to portfolio-grinding. Need to finish all my unfinished stuff.

söndag 22 april 2012

Late night doodle

Doodlin some randomness with weird shaped and random colors. Had a blast doing em : )

fredag 20 april 2012

Looking for Work. Yup :)

Very soon I'll be on my adventure to search for a job in the game industry :) I'm working really hard to fill my portfolio with my current skill level, meaning that a lot that I've produced pretty much gets tossed into the garbage bin xD It's going to be fun. So stay tuned, the portfolio will be up in about 1 week.

*crunching like a mad man*

wazaaaaaap! I've been grinding some hard surface modeling lately, monitors to be precise :) It's wicked fun with hard surface, so relaxing and...and...awesome! I'm waiting for my m8 to draw me an awesome mecha that will blow peoples mind. But until then, I'll just keep on doing some random sci fi props, gadgets, monitors whatever xD

torsdag 19 april 2012

Another study

I keep doing studies. Started this one with a computer mouse....then I realised, why the fuck am I drawing with a mouse. I went to sleep. And now I finished with my wacom xD

fredag 13 april 2012

Everyone's asleep...

Everyone's asleep and I'm grinding art "like a mothafucka"! :D On a sidenote....I think I'm holding my pen reallllllly strange (first world problems). Because I notice that after like drawing for an hour or two, I have this flat area on the side of my middle finger. All flat. Like someone used the trim dynamic brush on it. Worst part is, that it only starts to hurt when I actually snap out of my flow and see the finger lol.

Awesome as I am *cough* I just keep on grinding like nothing has happened. And here I am now. With an über-flat finger, in pain and sleepy hahahahah :) GL to me. Peaceee.

torsdag 12 april 2012


i'll be doing studies as well Bag! xD (just saw ur blog hahahah)

onsdag 11 april 2012

Just an update on the environment

What the title said : ) Now for some lowpoly and UV-mapping!

Sci-fi environment

Modeling a sci-fi environment (concept made by Patrik Rosander). Awesome stufff ;D Screenshot taken straight from the viewport.

tisdag 10 april 2012

I think it's called a hardigg case...heh...but anyways. Concept made by Patrik Rosander. Took me 1h to finish it and it's on my livestream http://www.livestream.com/eooo. The image is taken directly from the viewport.

måndag 9 april 2012

Spur of the moment

This is a fast block-in on the clothing and some basic bags that I've multiplied like fuck ;D This is going to become your averge generic modern solider. Eevery character artist must have one on their portfolio *cough*.

söndag 1 april 2012


Wohoooo! I finished the lowpoly, ended up on 6.8k triangles. When I get the time I'll make sure to give him a proper texture. I'm thinking about some nasty, wet, sticky material for the that winter vest. I just now realised how stupid that sentence sounded. But ehmm. Well. Ughhhhhhh. I can't explain the material I have in mind any better xD stay tuned.

*cough* I should probably finish that bullfighter character as well but....but...there's another character I'm dying to make. I'm patiently waiting for it to be drawn by a good friend of mine. I'm super excited. Anyway! I'm thinking of re-doing the whole texture for that bullfighter ;D

Oh and if I haven't mentioned it earlier, this character that I'm posting was drawn by another good friend of mine, Cezar.

lördag 31 mars 2012

More characterss

Mmmhmhm more characters ! I'm working on my speed nowadays, so that I can poop out characters on the fly! I probably should try doing some fan-art on some game models. For example Gears of War. How long it would take for me to create a character with such detail on the shortest amount of time without loosing quality. Sounds like a plan!

Recently I haven't been able to do much art due to studies (curse uni. stuff xD). But, Im hoping to get more spare time again :)

lördag 17 mars 2012

Makin some renders

Meet 'Force'. Thic character was done a while ago but I never bothered making any renders - so yeah, here he is xD And if I haven't mentioned it earlier. It's heavily BRS-inspired.


tisdag 6 mars 2012

I finally took the time to finish the backview for the characters, these one didn't take that long (after I figured out the anatomy!!!) : ) These should work just fine to start modeling. But I'm going to draw some poses and damage the gear quite a bit - since it's for a competition that I'm planning on finishing.

Also, it's going to be awesome learning a new 3D-packade with this character :) cheeers for knowledge.

torsdag 1 mars 2012

måndag 27 februari 2012


Cheeeersss! I did this model a while ago for our upcoming indie game Ovelia: The wake : )
I know you all are interested so head over to http://www.facebook.com/coilworks or http://www.indiedb.com/games/ovelia-the-wake and read up on all the LORE and PICTURES that we have posted so far :)

AND! We have also released out Main theme for the game HERE ;D

Take caaaaaaaaare B!

lördag 25 februari 2012

Im drawing yayyyy

So, I kinda did a fast lineart image and put some colors and stuff on it ;D

onsdag 8 februari 2012

OK! Last tweak

Damnit. I think I could be tweaking this texture for like....forever. I'm still a total noob when it comes to texturing and I'm learning tons as I keep on texturing. There's just so many neat stuff to learn. I used to hate texturing, mostly because I sucked at it badly. But now I'm actually really enjoying it a lot :)

These are the final images I'll post of this char! xD