söndag 27 mars 2011


Damnit, it's fucking snowing again -.- I want it so be summer. This image was a artpoop lol, duno what it's supposed to be but hey...atleast I'm....ok, fuck it lol!

Some more drawing

This one was an after work doodle, wanted to try out something new ;D

lördag 19 mars 2011


Yo yo B-boy snake dawg V!

Been chillin' with some drawing these past days - fun shit! :) There's this theme going on at school - to make a Guild Wars chars, and yeah, so I've been kinda doing it. Oh and dude, I found this awesome song sung by some girl named Rebecca Black...it's friday friday gotta get down on frisday *sings along* Me and my buddy Bag have been listening to this awesome song for day now - truly a blessing from the heavens! *cough*

Have a nice weekend Bulgarov!!

onsdag 9 mars 2011


Yooo Bulgie!
How are ya? All chill I bet! Haven't seen that much of you lately. I bet you're doing some awesome new modeling bibel for XSI that will blow my mind into the wondrous depth of CG-hell?? lol, in my dreams. Anyways! Lately I started some kind of a side project, tho I wouldn't really call it a project since it'll prolly suck alot. But hey! I'm hoping it will somehow give me some unknown knowledge. Shitty thing is that I only have ½ day a week to work on it so that kinda sucks since I really-super-really enjoy modeling it ;D I won't tell what it is tho, you'll have to wait for the grand finale!

Oh and btw! Found this awesome blog today with a guy that had like tons of links of awesome people who do 3d modeling/sculpting/traditional sculpting lol you name it, gosh, I mean...ugh. Y0u were on that list tho! But..ahem..kinda skipped brwosing you're site since I've *cough* been there way too many times.