torsdag 11 maj 2017


Wow, I forgetting to update the blog!
Well, update from last time is that I'm doing Freelance 3D work for a game company. It's working out better than I thought :) I'll try to squeze in some time for some of my own art stuff so I can finally update this blog with something useful.

Also! Iceland is a damn fine country (was there on vacation some weeks ago) but damn expensive prices on everything.


tisdag 6 december 2016




Has been a wonderful year! Me and my wonderful girlfriend started a family, with our son being born this year! Art wise, it's been a learning experience like always, new tech to learn, new art styles to master, new modeling techniques and tricks to get a grasp of and new people to get to know.
 I also picked up a new hobby, which is photography and ahem...crocheting :) So I'm still doing creative stuff on my free time, even though they've changed direction from 2D/3D (which I already do at work).

I'm really looking forward to 2017 as I know that I'll learn even more and there will be new adventures to enjoy and explore.

söndag 15 mars 2015

Lines and more lines

lets post some wip-lineart yaaay. something I threw together. working on the anatomi and obviously totally suck at foreshortenings, so I gotta redraw shit. oooor, just covert it up with armor like I always do :D peace ~