måndag 15 april 2019

Newest project


I´ve been pretty busy lately (pretty much these three last months) getting into All sorts of different softwares that will help me be more creative, and removing loads of the obstacles that I´ve felt are in the way. The huge one is Time. Obviously as a freelance artist, dad to two little boys and a husband, I have little to no time to focus on portfolio and my own art. Wrong. Well, almost wrong. Lately I´ve been using my 3 hours in the evening to get stuff done tho it comes at the expense of not being able to hang out with my best friend in life (my wife, if you didnt get it already. 
That leads me to learning procedural generation using Houdini and damn, it´s a tough one to learn. I would not say that I´ve managed it 100% but I´m slowly getting there. Another program I´ve dwelt in a lot is World Creator 2. A program where I can very fast and very beautifully create a highmap for Unreal. Unreal Marketplace for SkyDomes and Water. Amazing. Speedtree for creating fast trees. Amazing. Quixel Mixer to buy and blend materials. Amazing. Quixel Megascans for populating portfolio pieces very fast....amazing.....with a But.

My main concern lately with using already created assets was the FAKE Artist stamp that kept repeating in my head. I didnt feel authentic and like a real artist when I first started using them. But, as I was sculpting my third mountain wall with jagged edges it struck me. Who the fuck cares. Nothing in the industry when it comes to photorealism is authentic. I mean, do we really think AAA-artists create their own stone textures using their brush? No. They get their textures from either google, make en tileable and generate the maps from that. Or they grab them from Substance Source, Quixel Store and from all different places. There is basically nothing authentic when it comes to photorealism. Unless you yourself want to travel all around the world gathering photos and using a photogrammetry program to generate a mesh.

It all comes down to How you use what you bought to compose the image, the art and the mood. Combining it with you Some of you´re self created art to create something spectacular. Just using a bought asset won´t get you anywhere. You as an artist still have to create an interesting narrative for your art piece and no money in the world can buy you that. 

So, I gave up thinking like a failure.

I spent an evening working on my new project, still wip, and I´ll finish it tonight. Two rocks and one foliage.

torsdag 4 april 2019


I always forget that I have this one blog. Haha! Anyway.
I´ve been hella busy doing freelance work and taking care of my (now) two baby boys, yaay! But recently, literally these last two weeks, I´ve been looking real hard at what I want to get out of my life. And no, it´s not really that depressing and deep. But I figured out that doing freelance...is pretty lonely, socially. Don´t get me wrong, freelance is amazing in many aspects, but nothing can replace the social interation with colleagues and friends. So! I applied to a job at a really really cool company here in Oslo. They do narrative driven games, story games, with a semi-realistic artstyle and a super cozy feel! And I knooooow that I would fit right in there, given that I absolutely love story games and I know I have the skills they desire. Ok, I need to calm myself down. Breathe. So... I sent away an application as a 3D artist generalist. I really hope they read it.

 I´d love say 'now let´s play the waiting game' but knowing how this industry works, someone probably already filled out the position. Keeping the grind up and the spirits high, is what I will do. Because that is the only thing that will further my own skills and maybe landing the next job I apply for. #keepingitreal

Now my youngest boy is crying, until next time!

måndag 11 juni 2018

Yay for updates

I never post screens on stuff I do, so here's an effort to change that. Anyway! I had a few hours free and I wanted to explore using 3D scanned assets along with a Zbrush workflow to create unique cool rocks, and here's a fast environment trying it out. It's basically One rock, with baked maps and a snow material that projects it accoring to the objects up axis (too tired to explain it in depth). I also created a cloud particle system using Houdini, Photoshop and some material wizarding. Ouhh! The white birds are also "clouds" hahah. anyway, here.

First iteration, exploring camera settings and camera angle.

Second iteration, adding a t-pose character I did way back and creature in the background for some mystery. Also moved the camera back a bit to show more of the vista, but kinda lost the epic angle of the mountains. Maybe there will be a third iteration fixing that. And I'll bring back the clouds aswell.

torsdag 11 maj 2017


Wow, I forgetting to update the blog!
Well, update from last time is that I'm doing Freelance 3D work for a game company. It's working out better than I thought :) I'll try to squeze in some time for some of my own art stuff so I can finally update this blog with something useful.

Also! Iceland is a damn fine country (was there on vacation some weeks ago) but damn expensive prices on everything.


tisdag 6 december 2016




Has been a wonderful year! Me and my wonderful girlfriend started a family, with our son being born this year! Art wise, it's been a learning experience like always, new tech to learn, new art styles to master, new modeling techniques and tricks to get a grasp of and new people to get to know.
 I also picked up a new hobby, which is photography and ahem...crocheting :) So I'm still doing creative stuff on my free time, even though they've changed direction from 2D/3D (which I already do at work).

I'm really looking forward to 2017 as I know that I'll learn even more and there will be new adventures to enjoy and explore.

söndag 15 mars 2015

Lines and more lines

lets post some wip-lineart yaaay. something I threw together. working on the anatomi and obviously totally suck at foreshortenings, so I gotta redraw shit. oooor, just covert it up with armor like I always do :D peace ~