måndag 11 juni 2018

Yay for updates

I never post screens on stuff I do, so here's an effort to change that. Anyway! I had a few hours free and I wanted to explore using 3D scanned assets along with a Zbrush workflow to create unique cool rocks, and here's a fast environment trying it out. It's basically One rock, with baked maps and a snow material that projects it accoring to the objects up axis (too tired to explain it in depth). I also created a cloud particle system using Houdini, Photoshop and some material wizarding. Ouhh! The white birds are also "clouds" hahah. anyway, here.

First iteration, exploring camera settings and camera angle.

Second iteration, adding a t-pose character I did way back and creature in the background for some mystery. Also moved the camera back a bit to show more of the vista, but kinda lost the epic angle of the mountains. Maybe there will be a third iteration fixing that. And I'll bring back the clouds aswell.

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