söndag 31 oktober 2010

late night doodle

Yeah curse lineart *bbbburrrn* - naaaaaa i like linework ;D Sooo my buddy came up with this brilliant idea - to sketch something as fucked up as a zombie (even tho mine isn't that fucked up YET). So I was thinking ....something that would make me shit my pants if it would exist in real life.....so it came out to be a firefighting zombie with huge fucking hands which ofcourse are hanging on elastic skin that enables him to hit fast and super hard! Not only that, this sucker can fly.. swinging his arm up the air and then hitting the ground sends him off at a high speed and eventually crashlanding on his enemy.

Nothing is too hard for this guy.......zombie hordes? pff, he can solo anything!

this is a skeeetchh

all this wood man...

more wood mhmmmh yes


The progressing continues - just finished the first iteration texture for a female face. I'm well aware of the scar, i'll get there soon enough - just need to find some 'gore' references to give it justice ;D

random render

welll, it's not really a render since I just put on the ghost/transparency setting in ZBrush...nothing fancy ;)

lördag 30 oktober 2010

late night producing

I sat a couple of hours on this hungover saturday semiAfk producing something that hopefullt will be usable for a school assignment (30 second animatic). It's still not finished tho, since I have to bake and merge the texture normals from the sculpted one made in ZBrush. Anyway, was fun to do! The model landed on a total of 68 tris.

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

creature sculpting in ZBrush

today I started my creature sculpt, and it's going really good. here's a little something that i'm doing atm - it's soon doon so kinda doing the detail pass. Later on I'll be making the texture inside Zbrush just so that i can get the workflow right, still a huge cap between the goal i'm aiming at.

linking old

oold thing that I just wanted to put up here for the world to see!

lördag 23 oktober 2010


(viewport screenshot)

Done tonsssss of reasearch today, regarding ingame models, sculpting, maps - tips and tricks on different software and muuch much more, fucking love the internet. Later on I decided to doodle something, and that something later turned up to be stones/rocks (since it's something I've never done before). It was just awesome to test different stuff and shit - sure the cracks on the rocks are beyong improvised and the texture is just a plain overlay, but I learned alot that could be applied on alot more than rocks.

I still got stuff to research that would make my workflow faster etc. but I'll take that tomorrow after I've got some sleep.

P.S. On the model, I need to rebuild the lowpolys in some places - due to the artifacts I got on both the occlusion and normal map.

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

lördag 16 oktober 2010

The hands - Part II

So I started this hand-training exercise since I pretty much got sick of being bad at drawing hands, and hopefully this will make me a tiiiiny bit better. Yesterdays training is paying off already, the shapes are easier to draw now and the pen draws just like I want it too. Perfection will take some time, but atleast I now know the basics.

Back to the drawing board!

fredag 15 oktober 2010


I got bashed, and now it's time to shape up!

Fuck you hands! Why are you so damn hard to draw, i'm sooo gonna...gonna........u just wait /point anatomy.

onsdag 6 oktober 2010