lördag 23 oktober 2010


(viewport screenshot)

Done tonsssss of reasearch today, regarding ingame models, sculpting, maps - tips and tricks on different software and muuch much more, fucking love the internet. Later on I decided to doodle something, and that something later turned up to be stones/rocks (since it's something I've never done before). It was just awesome to test different stuff and shit - sure the cracks on the rocks are beyong improvised and the texture is just a plain overlay, but I learned alot that could be applied on alot more than rocks.

I still got stuff to research that would make my workflow faster etc. but I'll take that tomorrow after I've got some sleep.

P.S. On the model, I need to rebuild the lowpolys in some places - due to the artifacts I got on both the occlusion and normal map.

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