söndag 1 april 2012


Wohoooo! I finished the lowpoly, ended up on 6.8k triangles. When I get the time I'll make sure to give him a proper texture. I'm thinking about some nasty, wet, sticky material for the that winter vest. I just now realised how stupid that sentence sounded. But ehmm. Well. Ughhhhhhh. I can't explain the material I have in mind any better xD stay tuned.

*cough* I should probably finish that bullfighter character as well but....but...there's another character I'm dying to make. I'm patiently waiting for it to be drawn by a good friend of mine. I'm super excited. Anyway! I'm thinking of re-doing the whole texture for that bullfighter ;D

Oh and if I haven't mentioned it earlier, this character that I'm posting was drawn by another good friend of mine, Cezar.

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