söndag 17 april 2011

I wish I had powers!

Yo yo yo B! hows it hanging dude!

Holy fuck I'm a slow updater! Sloooooooooow! Reaaaally slooooow! I've been meaning to upload these images for quite some time now but recently my memory has gotten a little....ehm....worse? How that could be possible I have nooo idea.

Anyways! Today was a crazy ass awesome day, haven't spend so much outside IRL for a loooong time! I went with my buddies Gecko and Psycho (I'll post their blogs below) on some walking/shopping/quality time here in this tiny little city, awesome shit! The weather was awesome and yeah, finally got to relax abit.

I don't know if I've mentioned it to you before Vitaly, but me and my buddies are starting up a company - yeah crazy shit right? I could prolly fill tons of pages with awesome shit that has happened there since I came to join them on what is now Our adventure into the future. Woah, I write too much, I should be studying instead. Take care dude and post something new soon ok? peaceout!

Wait!!!!1 Ah nvm.

Gecko: http://omgrind.blogspot.com
Psycho: http://mantisninja.blogspot.com

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