tisdag 14 juni 2011

A little update

Hey-didlidoooo-B! :]

Duuude! What you did today really fucking made my day - no fucking kidding! I was all kid-like in a candy store - sparkling eyes and jumping like an over-exaggerated disney character! Now, there's no turning back. No demons can outrun me now !! ha! (yeah I've been watching waaay to much Supernatural ;<)

This char I've been working on is soon done, well atleast the creative part. All there is now is slaving and bitchin' to get the lowpoly ready for animation and normal map baking and UV's and finally texturing. I already got millions of ideas for my next model - way too ideas many. Got super-inspired by the BRAWL winners over at the polycount forum, super hardworking people over there, totally jealous.

That's it for me. Have a fkn awesome day Vitaly!

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