söndag 2 januari 2011


Samt image obviously, but wanted to cut it and see it bleeeed.....! Na but just wanted to try and fix the boreness of the image and somehow save it from it's dreadful fate of being drawn by me! ohhhh sorry drawingGod! have mercy on me (joooking ok!)

Haven't been able to post in a while but today that will change - I finally grabbed my wacom pen and doodles this environment-boat-thingy. The image was a tremendous fail but I learned a couple of new things.

On a sidenote - I recently switched from Maya to Softimage XSI (for modeling) and so far so good, it has some really neat features that I totally love. But I'm still getting used to it atm but in a near future I'll be able to fully handle it and really get my speed up when it comes to modeling.

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